This Melbourne cucina isn’t strictly traditional, but it’s certainly Italian in style!

With two locations across Melbourne on EatClub (Bundoora and South Morang), Armanii’s Cafe and Cucina functions as a convenient, comforting pick-me-up. Armanii’s is a great place to gather with loved ones over a bottle of wine or rounds of coffee.

These two neighbourhood venues are both inviting, unfussy and family-friendly, with wood-fired ovens aglow and a counter cabinet full of tempting cakes and treats.Armanii's | MelbourneArmanii's | MelbourneBreakfast is full of Aussie-European classics. Teamed with one of their exceptional coffees, an order of Eggs Benedict, Bircher Muesli, French Toast, Three-Stack Pancakes or the Big Breakfast will certainly help you start your day in an uplifting way.

Lunch and dinner are less subtly Italian-inflected. Salmon Bruschetta is offered, as well as Prawn Cutlets, Risotto, Spaghetti Bolognese, Lamb Shanks and Porterhouse Steak – served with mushroom sauce and wedges.Armanii's | MelbourneThe wine list is concise and affordable, but there’s something to please all: three white variations and four red. Beer-wise, the options are bottled Aussie beer, Heineken and Asahi.

But really, you’re probably in it for the pizzas. The bases are a thing of wonder, made traditionally Italian so they’re crispy yet chewy, and charred but not burned. They are firm in the middle but still light. They house classic toppings like Margherita and the more loaded up Australian favourites such as BBQ Chicken, Supremo and Spicy Prawn. Yep, you can even get an Aussie pizza with an egg on it… if that’s your thing!

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