Bedouin is the perfect paradise for lounging and grazing the day away.

In December 2018, Double Bay inherited an oasis to enjoy traditional Lebanese fare. It’s utterly gorgeous and completely suitable for cocktail sipping, lounging and grazing on hummus, lamb skewers, halloumi and vine leaves. Bedouin has recently partnered with EatClub, and frankly, we’re over the moon.

Bedouin, although it feels family-owned, is run by a team of managers who were formerly part of fine dining establishments. One of the owners, Eric Jury, fuelled by memories of his mum’s Lebanese cooking, wanted to share his fondness for Lebanese food. He saw the cuisine as fitting for the area of Double Bay; Lebanese food is naturally healthy, often gluten-free and rather vegan-friendly.Bedouin | Double BayBedouin | Double BayThe head chef ‘Teta Suzie’, is a warm Lebanese woman who does all of the food preparation during the day. ‘Teta’ means ‘grandma’ in Arabic, and she truly is one chickpea-crushing, parsley-snipping matriarch.

There are two menus: the A La Carte Menu and the Set Menu. The Set Menu provides a thorough taste of everything and can be made vegetarian. It ends with an incredible assortment of baklava. The most popular dish on the A La Carte Menu is the Sumka Hurra, which is made up of Barramundi filet, spicy tahini, coriander, roasted pine nuts and walnuts.Bedouin | Double BayDesigner Joshua Clapp is behind the beautiful interior, which is reminiscent of Beirut in the ‘60s. Back then, Beirut was dubbed ‘the Paris of the Middle East’, due to its French influences and vibrant cultural life.

Although much has changed in Beirut since the ‘60s, a dialect of French is still commonly spoken in Lebanon. At Bedouin, most of the waitstaff are French, adding another layer of authenticity to Bedouin.

Drinks-wise, the cocktails really stand out. They are seasonal, but always work well with the dishes. The wine list is quite international and equally as fitting.Bedouin | Double BayIf you like your chickpeas treated right, check out Bedouin in the EatClub app!

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