Talk About EatClub, Earn $50!

The first rule of EatClub: Talk About EatClub!

Introducing EatClub’s Referral Program...

What's better than getting up to 50% off your entire bill with EatClub? Sharing EatClub with your friends and earning money for it!

Be rewarded for every five successful referrals with a $50 Visa gift card! For a referral to be successful, the referred person has to download the EatClub app and use it for the first time. It’s that simple!

Spend the $50 on whatever you please, but might we suggest a meal out? We’d love to see the fun things you spend the $50 Visa gift card on, so tag us on Instagram [@eatclubapp] and use hashtag #eatclubreferral when you post!

The best part? Not only would you get $50, but you would also be supporting local restaurants by using the app.

Here’s how simple it is:

Step 1: Download the latest version of the EatClub app.
Tap on your profile icon on the left to find the ‘Refer Friends’ button. Click on this to start referring!

How to refer: Tap on your profile icon to start referring to EatClub

Step 2: You will then need to confirm your details and validate your phone number by entering it to receive a verification code.

How to refer: Confirm your details and validate your phone number

Step 3: Once your phone number is validated, you can then start referring your friends! Enter your name, your friend’s name and their phone number to share an easy download link with them. You may refer however many people you’d like to increase your chance of a successful referral!

How to refer: Enter your friend's phone number to share download link

 Step 4: A referral is successful for every friend who makes their first EatClub booking through the app and attends that restaurant. You can see how many of your referrals were successful by keeping track of the collected red plates.

How to refer: Keep track of your EatClub referrals

Step 5: After you have successfully referred 5 people, you can claim your $50! All you have to do is fill out some basic information in the required fields to have your Visa gift card mailed straight to you! 

How to refer: Earn a $50 visa card for every 5 EatClub referrals

The Fine Print

  • To participate in the referral program, both the referrer and referee must have a valid AU phone number.
    To participate in the referral program, both the referrer and the referee must validate their mobile number via SMS validation.
  • The referrer can refer as many people as they like.
  • For every 5 people successfully referred, the referrer will be eligible to claim one reward.
  • A successful referral means a referred customer who downloads the app, redeems a straight % off deal and attends the restaurant.
  • A successful referral must be a new customer, meaning the customer has never transacted on the EatClub app before.
  • The reward means the reward being offered at the time the first of five referrals is successful.
  • If multiple people refer the same person, the last to refer will receive the credit.
  • After 5 referrals are successful, you must open the app and enter the required details for the reward to be sent to you.
  • Referred customers must enable location services
  • The reward will be mailed via standard post taking between 5 & 10 days to be received.

You can then start referring friends again and repeat the process to claim another $50. We want you to get the most out of the dining scene, so please enjoy. Start earning now!