Stephen Tzanakis opened BurgerTec in Kidman Park in November 2017 and opened a second BurgerTec in Paradise about a year later. BurgerTec is his answer to bringing back the simple burgers that are genuinely just really, really good. “Our whole ethos was to take it back to basics and make something that’s just simple, high quality and fresh” – which is exactly what they’ve done. EatClub is stoked that BurgerTec have joined the platform.

The patties are made from pure beef and BurgerTec’s nine-spice seasoning. They’re a little larger than average, as are the cheese slices. The buns are rather light so the ratio creates a cheesy burger that won’t fill you up on bun bread. Instead, it’s heavy on the good stuff. Their signature seasoning is also used in the Southern fried chicken, the vegan sauces, the vegetarian burger fillings and the chips and sides.

BurgerTec Adelaide
BurgerTec Adelaide

Tazanakis designed three vegan burgers and two vegetarian burgers for the menu. The Farmer George is one of the vegetarian options – made with panko-crumbed mushroom, Swiss cheese, avocado, caramelised onion, baby spinach, roasted capsicum and herbed mayonnaise.

The standouts among the meat-based burgers are the Hot and Thaisty burger made with Southern fried chicken, crunchy slaw, Sriracha sauce and Kewpie mayo; and the Irresist-a-blue burger made with a beef patty, blue cheese, caramelised onion and crispy bacon.

BurgerTec Adelaide

For a side that’s crisp on the outside and gooey within, opt for Halloumi Chips.

The drinks list is simple: straight up soft drink from the Coca-Cola range. Once you’ve ordered, take a seat and enjoy a classic cola or have a game on the arcade table while you wait for your burger and sides.

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