German baked goods and Aussie brekkie dishes… Cafe Berlin in Sydney is the dream cafe.

Germans take their baked foods very seriously. So does EatClub. For those who have visited Berlin, cafes with sweet treats are everywhere. No one does the ‘coffee and cake’ ritual quite like they do in Germany. In fact, their famed Black Forest cake is regulated: it must stay true to the original ingredients and include actual kirsch alcohol made from Black Forest sour cherries. That’s commitment.Cafe Berlin | BalmainCafe Berlin | BalmainAs the name suggests, Cafe Berlin is a cool space that consists of brilliant baked goods that are best teamed with a hot drink. But instead of German brekkie offerings (think boiled eggs, fruit salad and cold cuts), Cafe Berlin serves up Aussie favourites: Homemade Baked Beans, Avocado Toast, Corn Fritters and Ricotta Pancakes.

Our favourite dish? Their Thyme-Roasted Oyster and White Mushrooms is a fragrant dream of a dish. The mushies arrive on sourdough and are served with goats cheese, hazelnuts and a poached egg. The zesty Rainbow-Smoked Salmon dish gets an honourable mention: it’s super yum, healthy and bound to brighten up your day.

Cafe Berlin is casual and kid-friendly. Share slice of red-velvet cake with your babycino-sipping little one. Their Pistachio and Orange Slice is an absolute delight. The Pear Crumble is incredible but really the cheesecake takes the cake! It’s thick and traditional and like no other.

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