Coffee-fuelled neighbourhood franchises with locals on the mind…

Needless to say, the cafe food in Melbourne is some world-class nosh. The European love for cafe life obviously helped shape the city’s cafe culture. George Pezaros started the Degani family when he opened a quaint bakery-cafe in Clifton Hill in 1999, and his company now has over fifty franchises across Australia, most of which are in Melbourne (with a couple on EatClub!).Degani | MelbourneDegani | MelbourneThe coffee at each Degani is not just the jolt that kick starts your day. It’s a superbly smooth and velvety coffee hug that’ll stop you in your tracks. The beans are roasted in Melbourne with love and tradition, resulting in coffee with depth of flavour and chocolatey undertones. The baristas proudly serve your coffee however you like it: in milky form, black, with a dash of your desired vegan milk, iced, with whipped cream… the list goes on.Degani | MelbourneFood-wise, think hearty meals and delicate pastries. While each location has a different brunchy menu, expect that you’ll see avocado toast, Nutella pancakes, chilli scramble, burgers, loaded pizzas and creamy soups on the list.

The venues are all warm in tone, super-chic and welcoming in ambience. On EatClub, you’ll find the Degani venues of Uni Hill and Coburg Hill… both of which have some very inviting deals!

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