No longer only faced with options of pumpkin soup, zucchini fritters and spinach and ricotta cannelloni, herbivores are offered game-changing, innovative dishes. Sydney is not short on plant-centric restaurants and dishes and EatClub has plenty of partnered restaurants with vegan and vegetarian dishes (that aren’t just stodgy pastas) for those who avoid animal products. Ethical, versatile and super-nutritious, vegetables are as hot as potatoes right now. Here is a list of EatClub’s favourite vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Sydney and their deals:

Vegan Lebanese Street Food


Stop! Hummus time. Bondi is home to Australia’s first vegan Lebanese restaurant. Vegan Lebanese Street Food is on a delicious mission to re-define ‘fast food’, offering healthy plant-based dishes that support sustainable farming and harvesting. Win, win, win.

Monday – Wednesday, 5pm – 7pm: 30% off

Vegetarian Sydney

Joe’s Sandwich Bar


This CBD sandwich bar happens to be vegan. Bite into a Tempeh Reuben, or a sandwich with Smokey Potato or Miso Eggplant. You can even get a completely vegan ‘cheesy’ bagel and vegan cultured ‘butter’ on your toast.

Monday – Friday, 11am – 12pm: 20% off

Monday – Friday, 2pm – 3pm: 20% off

Vegetarian Sydney

Nourishing Quarter


Resembling an antique shop, this kitsch ‘hole in the wall’ is stuffed with knick knacks and flavourful plant-based dishes like bowls of brothy vegan pho, stacks of enoki mushrooms, crispy tofu salad, stews and fresh spring rolls.

Wednesday, 5pm – 7pm: 40% off

Thursday, 8pm – 9pm: 20% off

Vegetarian Sydney

Bad Hombres

Surry Hills

Bad Hombres is full of good food, with an all-vegan Mexican-inspired menu made from Asian ingredients and natural Australian wines that are ready for the smashing. Experience their fresh innovation; try Mexican Bibimbap or Charred Corn with Japanese Mayo & Furikake.

Tues – Thurs, 4:30pm – 6:30pm: 40% off

Vegetarian Sydney


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