EatClub encourages restaurants to offer deals to customers for dining at slower of ‘off-peak’ times during the day/night. With EatClub, restaurants with spare tables can push out live deals from their smartphone in only two seconds. Customers can then redeem those deals, in real-time, and eat out at a substantial discount.

The app launched in Melbourne in October and offers restaurants a way to ‘fight back’ against the big delivery companies that are taking over the industry, by enticing customers back into restaurants.

EatClub's Sydney Launch

If a restaurant is experiencing a quiet period, they can push out deals of 10% – 50% off for a limited number of tables, for a defined’ window’ of time. This gives restaurants unprecedented control over demand for their tables and helps them fill empty seats and increase their profits.

For customers – EatClub is their newest culinary companion, providing access to insider deals at some of Melbourne & Sydney’s top eateries and helping make that ‘once-a-month’ meal, a more regular occurrence.

When a user opens the EatClub Customer App, they are shown nearby restaurants that have uploaded live deals. Once a customer redeems a deal it disappears from the app – so it’s first in, best dressed! Restaurants suffer badly during their off-peak times (an empty restaurant is still paying 70% of their overall costs in staff/overheads). By redeeming a deal during an off-peak time, customers are helping local restaurants — since a discounted table is much more profitable than an empty one.

While the technology trend in the hospitality space is driving customers away from dining out, EatClub aims to bring them back. The vision is to build on the vibrant restaurant scene; encouraging people to eat out more often.  It’s the brainchild of Co-founders Matt Cantelo, Ben Tyler, Pan Koutlakis and renowned celebrity chef Marco Pierre White.

EatClub's co-founder - Marco Pierre White

Understanding the challenges faced by restaurateurs, Marco was determined to give control back to restaurants and the platform was built under his guidance. The app has signed up 300+ restaurants in Melbourne in since launch and already has over 30,000 downloads.  The EatClub team’s ultimate goal is to use dynamic pricing to create an ‘efficient marketplace’ where restaurants prices are tied more closely to real-time demand. “Hotels and airlines have been using dynamic pricing for years – it’s time restaurants had that opportunity” says Marco Pierre White.

Hungry? Download EatClub here.

A delicious spread from one of EatClub's founding partners - +39 Pizzeria