Get an Extra $5 Off Your Next In-App Order

Call the crew, bill-splitting just got easier. And cheaper!

Get an Extra $5 Off Your Next In-App Order

Now that you’ve got the hang of in-app ordering with EatClub… we’ve got a sweet (or savoury) deal for your next order when you eat out with friends.

Sharing a meal is all fun and games until it’s bill-splitting time. Splitting a bill can be a bit of a clunky thing after what was an incredible dining experience. We’ve found a solution: you can use EatClub, split the bill with friends AND get an extra $5 of credit on Finch to use on your next IOU or cash out to your wallet.

The first 500* people get an extra $5 off when you split the order with mates. Easy peasy. Try it out by ordering and paying for your meal in-app in Melbourne or Sydney!

* Terms & Conditions 

  • Offer starts December 2, 2019 and ends December 20, 2019. 
  • Entrants must be Australian residents and over the age of 18. 
  • Existing Finch users are not eligible and new Finch users can redeem once per person (total $5) with a minimum of 2 users per split or group. 
  • Each Finch user is only eligible for one code during the promotion period. 
  • Total prize pool is $2960.04. 
  • Promotion terms are subject to change at anytime.