It’s large, loud and it houses all the boisterous joy of a Lebanese family gathering.

It’s typically Lebanese: a warm experience of the generosity and hospitality of meal time. Things are drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with za’atar and infused with orange blossom and rose water. EatClub loves the fun of a huge Middle Eastern feast, so naturally we’re very happy to have Fattoosh on the platform!

Fattoosh’s namesake is a Levantine salad made of vegetables, herbs and fried Lebanese bread. It’s altogether tangy, sweet, crunchy and colourful. The interior of Fattoosh is unpretentious – with low ceilings, large archways, earthy tones, long tables and a large front window that looks onto Willoughby’s Penshurst Street. Sometimes, diners are graced with the vibrant presence of belly dancers.Fattoosh Lebanese Restaurant | SydneyFattoosh Lebanese Restaurant | SydneyExpect a host of menu faves: hummus, baba ganouje, tabouli, haloumi and falafel. Must-try Lebanese dishes include the Fasoulia, a broad bean stew served with Lebanese rice, and the Koussa Mahsi – zucchini stuffed with rice, spices, tomato and minced meat. If you’re in it for the pastry, order the Cheese Sambousek.

For the brave meat lovers, Kebbe Nayeh will satisfy meat cravings. If you’ve not tried it, expect raw lean lamb mince with herbs, fine bulgur and spices served with onion and fresh mint. Scoop up this ‘tartare of Lebanon’ with pita bread. It’s yum. Thank us later.Fattoosh Lebanese Restaurant | SydneyFattoosh Lebanese Restaurant | SydneyBring your favourite bottle of bold wine (it’s BYO). Enjoy your faves, try something new, or indulge in a platter with loved ones. There’s a huge tray of honeyed rolls in the kitchen ready for you to finish your Lebanese dining experience on a traditional sweet note.

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