The 12th of November is ‘Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day’.

Yes, it’s a day.

We know it’s a bizarre date to have noted in our diary, but according to most people, it’s not as weird as contaminating an otherwise perfectly good pizza with those small-but-pungent fermented fishy things called anchovies. At EatClub, we want to see you eating what makes you happy and frankly, anchovies are just upsetting.

It’s happened to us all at some point: we order a pizza with ‘the works’, forgetting to request for the anchovies to be kept at bay. Instead, on this day you can revel in the taste of the more subtle pizza toppings — the ones that haven’t been fermented and somehow grown hair (what does that even benefit?). Enjoy a loaded pizza on this legitimate food day, without any fishy business. 

However you like your heavily topped pizza, we’re sure you’ll have amazing anchovy-free pizza experiences at these venues — unless anchovies are what you want and then you can disregard all of the above and order the damn fishies.

Homeslice Pizza

Lennox St, Richmond

This white-tiled pizzeria in Richmond features crispy Roman-style pizza with classic toppings, antipasto and salads. Their mostly-local approach spills over to their booze list with some of Melbourne’s most-loved brews. 

Daily, 5pm – 9pm: 35% off

Pizza with the Lot Except Anchovies Day in MelbourneCiao Ciao Italiano

Chapel St, Prahran

There’s a little something for everyone at Ciao Ciao Italiano including vegans, those who avoid gluten, Nutella lovers and anchovy haters. Order your pizza with all the toppings but save room for dessert; they offer a selection of Brunetti cakes.

Monday – Thursday, 5pm – 9:30pm: 40% off

Friday, 5pm – 10pm: 40% off

Sunday, 2pm – 9:30pm: 40% off

Pizza with the Lot Except Anchovies Day in Melbourne

11 Inch Pizza

Lt Collins St, CBD

At 11 Inch Pizza, they believe that pizza is a state of mind. We’re not sure what that means, but their pizzas are really, really, really good. And since their pizzas are only 11 inches, you could order two different loaded variations.

Monday – Friday, 2pm – 5pm: 20% off

Pizza with the Lot Except Anchovies Day in Melbourne


Brunswick St, Fitzroy

This relatively new Fitzroy pizzeria has pizza bases that actually benefit your being. They’re made out of spelt flour, which is a wholesome ancient grain and tastes like wheat but slightly nuttier. A loaded pizza from Farro is just what the doctor ordered.

Tuesday & Thursday, 5:30pm – 7pm: 30% off


Sash Japanese (Sushi Pizza)

Chapel St, Windsor

A pizza with the lot could include Japanese toppings, so if a Sashimi Blue Cheese Pizza sounds like your kind of pizza (it’s definitely ours), then head to Windsor for some sash-izza in this slim, sexy venue.

Sunday – Monday & Wednesday – Thursday, 5pm – 7pm: 30% off

Pizza with the Lot Except Anchovies Day in Melbourne

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