Bespoke, plant-based burgers, shakes and fries in Collingwood.

Owned by chef and restaurateur Owen Westman, Green Burger offers 100% plant-based diner food for those who want it, and for those made curious by it. For anyone who wants to eat clean and green (or trick their meat-loving friends), Green Burger is a fine option. Plus, it’s on the EatClub platform.Green Burger | CollingwoodGreen Burger | CollingwoodOne year before Westman even had a lease for Green Burger, he had begun perfecting a plant meat patty. ‘We couldn’t get the meatless patty we wanted from the States,’ says Westman, ‘a friend suggested that we make it ourselves and I looked at him and laughed.’ But Westman did his research and came up with a plant meat patty made from wheat protein, and one from pea protein for those who can’t do gluten.

Westman had owned a few Melbourne establishments before moving to San Diego where he adopted a plant-based diet. ‘Seventeen years of bartending had taken a toll on my health. I needed a change,’ says Westman. When he returned to Melbourne, he noticed that there was a need for a vegan burger option that wasn’t just a waste of mushrooms and chickpeas.

Although the burgers from Green Burger are healthy by nature, they still provide that dirty burger fix that is sometimes required for humans to carry on with their day. As well as savage burgers, loaded fries, Mac’n’Trees, poutine, buffalo tenders and onion rings, there’s salad on the menu too – but we all know what you’ll be heading to Green Burger for.

Try the Dirty South which is made with smoky pulled plant meat, crisped tortilla, red onion, lettuce, jalapeños and chipotle mayo. There is also a burger called the Quack Dealer, made of a crispy skinned duck-less patty, char siu, pickled carrot, spring onion, cucumber and creamy mayonnaise.Green Burger | CollingwoodDairy-free shakes come in flavours of chocolate-hazelnut, vanilla-malt and strawberry-balsamic. They’re pretty brutal: decadent, creamy and somehow vegan. There’s coconut soft serve on tap, too.

Green Burger also brings you organic craft-brewed draft soda from Soda Press Co. There are no nasties and much less sugar than other soda brands. A sparkling soda alongside a badass plant meat burger is an indulgent pick-me-up that’s actually good for you.

Needless to say, Westman’s Green Burger knows exactly how to handle plant-based burgers, shakes and fries.

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