Italian. The cuisine that defies and outlives all food trends. While there are plenty of pizza places and gelato spots dotted around Brisbane, these sister restaurants are a fine cut above. And, they’re on EatClub!

Kick your pizza and pasta cravings with a taste of la dolce vita at the following spots: Gusto Da Gianni, Florentine Italian Grill and Wine Room, and Gianni’s Kitchen. Each venue is unique and very proud of their red-white-and-green… tomato, mozzarella and basil that is.

Gianni’s Kitchen

5 Kyabra Street

At Gianni’s Kitchen it’s obvious that they adore food and wine and don’t curb any cheese enthusiasm, ever! While their pizza offerings are classic, some include things like roasted potatoes, caramelised onions and gorgonzola. It’s cosy and rustic and everything you want your next Italian dining experience to be. Promise.Italian in BrisbaneItalian in Brisbane

Gusto Da Gianni

Portside Wharf, Remora Road Hamilton

Absolutely everything – from a cup of coffee to an espresso martini – is done with pride and expertise at this spacious venue. It’s always fun to find a place that knows exactly where to push boundaries and where to bow to tradition.

Florentine Italian Grill and Wine Room

5 Kyabra Street

As the only restaurant in Queensland that provides Tuscan beef cuts from the Chiana Valley in Italy, this venue is redefining steak dining in Brisbane! To ready you for your steak, opt for the Crumbed Green Olives which are stuffed with Chianina beef goodness. Divine.Italian in BrisbaneItalian in BrisbaneCheck out these Italian dining options in your EatClub app.

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