It’s teppanyaki without the spatula and knife theatre. EatClub’s newest partner restaurant Kujin offers honest Japanese food instead.

In the heart of Elizabeth Bay, just by Kings Cross, is a sophisticated Izakaya-style teppanyaki and noodle bar. Kujin is a casual Japanese joint with refined tapas-like sharing dishes and plenty of sake.Kujin | SydneyFrom the outside, it’s almost hidden. Inside it’s dark and houses a bustling atmosphere, hanging lanterns, blackened walls and mellowed wooden tones. Nab a bar seat and observe the big teppan grill, where chefs prepare, cook and plate-up in full view. Or, huddle with your group or dates on one of the communal tables.

Kujin is fully licensed and they offer BYO. The drinks list covers a lot of bases. There’s wine, Japanese beer, Japanese whiskey (for those Suntory times), and sake served in small or large pots, either hot or cold.Kujin | SydneyKujin | SydneyIf you’re not up for teppanyaki, the menu is extensive – comprising of everything from tempura to noodles. But it’s the vegetable dishes that standout the most. The Grilled Eggplant is topped with miso sauce and cheddar cheese. King Oyster Mushroom is seasoned with soy butter. Dashi, a stock made from kelp and fermented smoked fish, gives the veggies an interesting-but-rounded boost in flavour.

For lovers of meat, the pork gyoza and the wagyu are total treats. Wagyu Beef Yakiniku is the must-try menu item which consists of thinly sliced, perfectly pink wagyu beef with Japanese BBQ sauce.

From the hotplate, try the thinly sliced Whole Calamari marinated in ginger and soy, or the umami-rich Kushiyaki Salmon Skewers specked with green tea salt.

While the dishes may leave little room for dessert, a slice of Green Tea Cheesecake is recommended, which is a little lighter than a classic cheesecake and is slightly more refreshing than sweet.

For a taste of true Japanese culinary excellence, check out Kujin in the app!

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