Meow! Yum Cha has honestly never looked this good. 😻

The Lucky Cat Dumpling Bar in Coogee is a place you’ll want to work yourself into a food coma with BBQ Pork Dumplings, Pan-Fried Dumplings, Lamb Gyoza and Peking Duck Pancakes. DJ Ben Nott opened this tasty venue in September 2018, and it’s now officially on the EatClub app!

Lucky Cat Dumpling BarLucky Cat Dumpling Bar

When there isn’t a live musician drawing in crowds, you’ll hear a fine selection of jazz, soul and funk playing during service. It’s in a double-storey building with a balcony, but it’s still somewhat cosy and snug. Nott tells us that there are plans to turn the backyard into an outdoor dining area which will play host to movie nights and comedy shows. There are over 15 golden lucky cats throughout the venue to “bring customers good fortune”.

Lucky Cat Dumpling Bar

New to the menu are the Bao Bun Sliders stuffed with crispy chicken or pork belly. There are also plenty of vegetarian options like dumplings made with bok choy, mushroom and spinach. Enjoy plump parcels of dough and sip on a festive Cherry Blossom Martini made with gin, rose water, cherry jam, vanilla vermouth and edible confetti, or a Gin Tea which is The Lucky Cat Dumpling Bar’s version of a Long Island iced tea made with BruceTea and basically all the white spirits.

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