Melbourne has been blessed with a load of world-class Middle-Eastern restaurants. While there are easy distinctions between the regional fare of the Middle East, there’s also a lot of shared ground, making this an ever-exciting cuisine.

These places will spice up your life, offering everything from tender grilled meats and kebabs to exceptional vegetarian dishes and the dreamiest dollops of hummus. EatClub loves every aspect of Middle Eastern food, especially a good falafel. Here’s our pick of favourites:

Afghan Gallery

327 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

A fizzing eatery filled with smoky aromas, draping fabrics, rugs and 70s vibes, this family-run restaurant has been on Brunswick Street for over thirty years. The food is deceptively simple looking, but it’s absolutely packed with soul and flavour. And, you can bring your own wine.Middle Eastern | Melbourne

Galyan Kebabs

236 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn East and 358 Centre Road, Bentleigh

Inside Hawthorn’s Galyan Kebabs, the kebab options are pretty wild. Not only will you find falafel kebabs, but there are Mexican, Argentinian, Korean, Greek and Asian kebabs too! Good for a cheeky kebab and shisha sesh!Middle Eastern | Melbourne

Falafel Place

264 Smith Street, Collingwood 

When was the last time you had a really really good falafel? Get your deep-fried spheres of ground chickpeas from Falafel Place in Collingwood. They’re healthy, downright delicious and served with things like creamy hummus and pickled vegetables.Middle Eastern | Melbourne

Arabesque Melbourne

642 Elizabeth Street, CBD

Taking most of its cues from Jordanian food, this CBD venue makes for a wonderful meeting place to enjoy things such as coffee, shisha, or perhaps even a mezze-filled banquet. Whatever you pop in for, make sure there’s time for a smashed baklava served with vanilla ice cream. Divine.

Middle Eastern | Melbourne

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