At Nutrition Station in Neutral Bay, you can eat a full meal and know you’re doing something really, really good for yourself.

EatClub has excitedly partnered with this exceptional health food restaurant. We all know that food tastes better in restaurants (probably because the chefs use more salt and butter than home cooks would ever dare), but at Nutrition Station they let the ingredients speak for themselves and the results are as appetising as they are wholesome.

The venue is as pure as the food; it’s mostly white with a bit of brass and lots of greenery. This health joint is a fun, accessible resource for all dietary requirements!Nutrition Station | Neutral BayEach item on the menu features not only how many kilojoules are in the dish, but also the grams of protein, carbs and fat. Their Smashed Avo, for example, has 2,864 kilojoules. The smash sits on toasted quinoa sourdough and is topped with feta, a mix of nuts and two poached eggs. The Ricotta Toast is popular, consisting of fresh strawberries, almond flakes, ricotta and drizzled honey on the aforementioned quinoa sourdough.

For a comforting vegan, protein-rich start to the day, there’s the Morning Boost Oats, packed with roasted buckwheat, hazelnuts, shredded coconut, fresh strawberries and protein-infused vanilla oats.

Lunchtime at Nutrition Station features plenty of burgers made on wholemeal buns. The patties are lean and the fillings are colourful. The Vegan Rainbow Salad is a total treat with edamame beans, kale, charred corn, red cabbage, smokey pumpkin and smashed avocado. It’s a health overload, if there is such a thing!Nutrition Station | Neutral BayQuick bites include things like wraps and sweet potato wedges. Or, for a fast boost of whizzed-up goodness, there are smoothies. You can create your own plate too! You pick a protein, some carbs (also known as the good stuff) and your desired veggies.

You really can’t go wrong with a meal from this health station. Check out Nutrition Station Neutral Bay in your EatClub app!

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