For a sneaky lunch or a wholesome pre-party feed, head to Peppercorn at Civic.

Above Civic Hotel on Pitt Street lives Peppercorn at Civic, a restaurant offering honest Thai food and a stellar wine list. The first thing you’ll notice upon wandering into EatClub’s newest partner restaurant is the smell. It’s a punchy, heady mix of chilli, lemongrass, ginger, garlic and galangal. Although it’s reminiscent of Bangkok’s bustling hawker markets, the venue is minimal and sophisticated – with golden touches in the form of buddha statues. Big flavours are the goal at Peppercorn, but everything is kept in perfect balance.

Much like many of the tables, the dishes are designed to be communal, which is good because chances are you’ll want to try a bit of everything. The huge menu is split into sections: starters, soups, house specialities, fried rices, noodles, curries, salads, stir-fries, seafood, side dishes and dessert.Peppercorn at Civic | Sydney

Heavy on spice, tang and complexity, the dishes are thrilling for tastebuds.

From the starters section, the Money Bags are a real standout, stuffed with sweet potatoes, taro, onion, peanut, shredded coconut, sweet corn and peas to be dipped in a pungent plum sauce. One of the house specialities is the Slow-cooked Pork Knuckle. It’s crispy and served with chilli caramel sauce, sitting alongside pickled carrot. The Banana Flower Salad is a creamy salad with thinly sliced banana blossom, red onion, lemongrass, coriander, mint, shallots, chilli jam, coconut milk and topped with crushed cashew nuts.

Also available are favourites such as Pad Thai and Roast Duck Red Curry, as well as fried ice-cream and sweet rice desserts served with mango or durian. With so much bite in the rest of the dishes, opting for a dessert at the end of the meal is wholly recommended.Peppercorn at Civic | SydneyTo offset dishes that are all at once salty, spicy, sweet and sour, choose a wine from the wine list which features pours from all over Australia and New Zealand. The cocktail list features a cheeky cocktail called ‘This is Not a Negroni’ made of gin, vermouth, Aperol, Fernet Branca and rose water mist. At Peppercorn they welcome party-goers. Cocktails come in jug form – a far more refined version of the buckets served in Thailand.

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