Napoli Pizza has become that quintessential family-style Italian ‘home away from home’ spot that every hood wants!

This pizza place is warm and welcoming and full of pleasing options – including the option for half’n’half and ginormous family-sized pizzas. You’ll find this neighbourhood pizza in Everton Park, nestled among the shops that bring Trouts Road to life. And, it’s on EatClub !Pizza Napoli | BrisbaneTheir aim for the menu was to keep it approachable and tasty as well as ensuring they’re serving up generous portions. Their menu boasts a huge range of pizza and pasta, along with a solid selection of homemade ice cream. Our top picks? For pizza, we recommend the Chunky Beef Special which is full of beefy-cheesy goodness, and their La Patata Perfetta made with potatoes, fresh rosemary, garlic and cheese.

For pasta, it’s hard to go past a classic lasagne, bolognese and carbonara, but if you can, opt for the red-sauced Amatriciana made with bacon, onion, tomato, chilli. Their Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni is pretty spesh too. For your perfect pairing, bring your favourite bottle of wine. Pizza Napoli is BYO.Pizza Napoli | BrisbaneAnd last but not least, their dessert offering is a triple threat, with three options you can’t go wrong with: gelato, sorbet and Pat and Stick’s Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Whether you’re up for a sit-down dinner or a takeaway meal, Pizza Napoli in Everton Park is always an excellent option. Check them out on the app!

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