You asked for it. We’ve made it happen.


At EatClub, we want to see you eating out more often, so we’ve launched a convenient new feature that will make planning your next meal even easier.

With EatClub’s new ‘Pre-booking’ update you now have the opportunity to redeem EatClub deals that will be going live later in the day. This game-changing feature means that you can browse through all available deals across the day. When you find one you like, redeem it, invite your friends and then look forward to making the most of your EatClub deal at one of our partner restaurants.

This new feature is beneficial for both parties — the restaurant and the customer. Not only can the customer plan ahead but the restaurant can too, allowing for a more organised, smoother service.

To find the EatClub deals that you can ‘pre-book’, just tap the little clock icon in the app and choose the time you’re planning on eating out. Remember though, venues will upload extra deals all throughout the day/night, so if you don’t find something that takes your fancy, just check back later to see what new deals have been uploaded.

How does it work?

We’ll walk you through it:


So what are you waiting for?

Update your app here and give EatClub’s newest feature a shot today!