Dishes that are as vibrant and aromatic as those from Thailand’s frenetic food vendors…

There’s a reason why Thai food has become a staple in our diets: it’s thrilling to the tastebuds. It’s all at once salty, spicy, sweet, and sour and at Rice Paddy Thai, these elements are beautifully balanced. EatClub loves this South Yarra hot spot.

Think quick service, generous mains, warm service and cold Thai beers. It sits snug on Toorak Road, and is known for curries and sauces that make this Thai dining experience more special than most.Rice Paddy Thai | South YarraRice Paddy Thai | South YarraWhile Thai green chicken curry is always a winner, their Soft Shell Crab Pad Pong Curry is a standout on the menu with its wild combination of flavours. It’s hard to go past the Deep-Fried Barramundi, served with tamarind sauce. A side of Roti with peanut sauce is a wise order too.

The soups are sour, the salads are bright and the stir fry arrives still sizzling. Curries included Panang, Massaman and Jungle Curry. If you’ve not tried it yet, try the Chicken Chilli Jam Stir Fry. It’s got the heat and it’s slightly sweet. A little warning though: a trip to Rice Paddy Thai could result in a longing for a trip to Thailand.

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