The Best Meat-Free Dining Options in Adelaide

Choose Veg Each Chooseday! 🥑🥦 If you’ve ever found yourself toying with the idea of eating less meat but don’t know where to start, EatClub’s ‘Choose Veg Chooseday’ is a great…

Choose Veg Each Chooseday! 🥑🥦

If you’ve ever found yourself toying with the idea of eating less meat but don’t know where to start, EatClub’s ‘Choose Veg Chooseday’ is a great way to explore plant-based dishes. Each Tuesday in November you’ll find deals at venues with lots of meat-free options highlighted in green in the app. The deal can be applied to the whole menu, not just the vegan and vegetarian dishes you order. We hope you join us in choosing to ‘go veg’ (at least on Tuesdays!).

You can win a vegetarian cooking class by snapping a picture of you with your meat-free dish and posting it on Instagram. Details on how to enter can be found here

From brunch to lunch to dinner, here are the restaurants involved in ‘Choose Veg Chooseday’ in Adelaide. Most of them have at least 40% off the TOTAL bill, including drinks.

Two Bit Villains

150 Rundle Mall, Adelaide Arcade

At Two-Bit Villains, you can sip on hand-crafted botanical sodas and nosh on meat-like vegetarian burgers in a swanky ballroom. It’s the diner of your dreams, but everything on the menu is vegetarian with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options there too. 

Tuesdays, all day: 40%Meat-Free Dining in Adelaide |

Ayla’s Cafe

13 Bent Street, CBD

There are obvious Japanese, Italian, Indian and Lebanese influences on the menu at Ayla’s. It’s a homely family-run, 100% vegetarian cafe with plenty of vegan options and nourishing smoothies.

Tuesdays, 10am-12pm and 1pm-4pm: 40%Meat-Free Dining in Adelaide |


City Cross Arcade

While Vietnamese food is normally not known for vegetarian and vegan options, this venue rolls out the goods with menu items such as Tofu Rich Paper Rolls and Mushroom and Tofu Pho. There are plenty of Viet salads, too!

Tuesdays, all day: 40%Meat-Free Dining in Adelaide |

Exeter Hotel

152 Semaphore Rd, Exeter

Gone are the days when every pub’s grub had to be anchored by a hunk of meat. Exeter Hotel’s vegan-friendly menu includes Mushroom Stroganoff and Eggplant Parmigiana. There’s also an amazing veggie grazing board!

Tuesdays, 5:30pm-7:30pm: 50%

Jack Greens

Shop 1/32 James Place, CBD

Making healthy meat-free eating much, much easier, Jack Greens offers beautiful coffee made with Five Senses beans, as well as bowls, curries, toasts and brekkie pots made from scratch every day.

Tuesdays, 8am-1:30pm: 40%Meat-Free Dining in Adelaide |

Five Feet Street Eats

24 Waymouth Street, CBD

There are plenty of plant-based dishes in this festive Asian venue. Think vegetarian stir-fries, spring rolls, laksa and curries. They also offer craft beers and a considered wine list. Yum!

Tuesdays, 5pm-8:30pm: 40%Meat-Free Dining in Adelaide |

Green Garden Cafe

138 Gawler Place, CBD

Going green(er) is easy at Green Garden Cafe with outstanding salads, sandwiches and smoothies. It’s an uplifting space to fuel-up on nourishing goods in the city.

Tuesdays, 7am-11am: 40%Meat-Free Dining in Adelaide |

New India

167 Hindley Street, CBD

With servings as big as the menu, New India in Adelaide will satisfy your veggie curry cravings. A Curry Plate is the best option here, bar naan. Start with Vegetarian Samosas though, always.

Tuesdays, 12pm-3:30pm: 40%Meat-Free Dining in Adelaide |

Try meat-free dishes with ‘Choose Veg Chooseday’ each Tuesday in November. 

Explore more deals for each of these venues in the app!

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