Bet you didn’t know that one of Melbourne’s best Greek spots is hiding away in Fairfield.

Trapezi is a taverna-style Greek restaurant on Station Street that screams authenticity… complete with bouzoukis and photos of fishermen adorning the walls. There are no surprises on the menu—think seafood, house-made dips, charcoal meats, grilled saganaki drizzled with lemon—but everything is packed with flavour, cooked perfectly and the customer service is warm and wonderful. And, Trapezi is on EatClub!Trapezi | FairfieldTrapezi | FairfieldSurprising is the extent of the cocktail list which is made up of a floral Aphrodites Embrace, a zesty Midas Touch, and a berry-rich Olympus On Earth, among many other godly concoctions. All of the wines are imported from Greece, as are the beers.

Locals swear by Trapezi’s seafood, and with good reason, but we’re particularly enamoured with the Pastitsio Beef (mince layered on pasta smothered in béchamel). It’s like a big Greek pasta bake.Trapezi | FairfieldBanquets are always a good option at a Greek restaurant. You’ll get a bunch of Trapezi’s entrees and the choice of a seafood or meat platter. It comes with plenty of salads and sides and you can even opt for a dessert to finish off the experience.

Speaking of which, if you’ve not tried Loukoumades yet, now’s the time. Don’t let another day pass without trying these homemade donuts served with honey, nuts and ice cream. While you’re there, get yourself some baklava!

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