Introducing EatClub Pay: EatClub's seamless payment method!

29/06/20233 mins read

Dining out with EatClub just got even easier this week with the introduction of EatClub Pay - the card in your digital wallet that seamlessly transforms redeeming an EatClub deal into a regular card transaction.

Until now, you would need to notify staff when paying that you were redeeming an offer. Sometimes people get confused, sometimes you’ve gotta rush off… who’s got time for that?!

Now, with EatClub Pay, everything to do with claiming an offer from the app, is taken care of by the app!

EatClub Pay exists as a digital card within your smartphone wallet. When it comes time to pay, you simply select EatClub Pay from your wallet as if it were any other card and the discount is automatically applied.

Setting up EatClub Pay is about as straightforward as it gets, and takes roughly as long as it does to add a regular bank or credit card to your wallet - about a minute!

Just follow the steps in the app to create your virtual EatClub Pay card - this card is linked to your normal payment method through EatClub, and will charge to it directly after it has automatically applied the discount for you.

How to use EatClub Pay:

* Find the offer that you want within the EatClub app. Once you’ve found something that whets your appetite, go ahead and claim it. Once it’s confirmed, you’re ready to eat! 

* Get to the restaurant within the time frame you’ve selected and order as per usual, whether it’s dine-in or takeaway. You don’t need to mention anything about the fact that you’re using the app (EatClub Pay takes care of all the admin for you)! Relax and enjoy - it’s just like any regular meal anywhere!

* When it comes time to pay, simply select the EatClub Pay card on your smartphone and tap on the reader. There’s no need to alert anyone to the fact that you’re using it, because they don’t need to know! Every step of redeeming your offer is handled in-app by EatClub Pay. 

Then after you’re done, simply check back on your deal to see your final bill, and feel great about supporting local restaurants and saving money at the same time with EatClub!

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